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Make Your Settings Memorable With These Details

Placing a character in scene is sometimes boring. Same old house, middle-class street, skyscrapers, foreign tourist trap.

Wait. There are some amazing places around the world that should be mentioned if your character stumbles by them amidst the meanderings of the plot. They will truly be considered insider knowledge by your reader and they’ll talk about your book for the scene that occurred here.

Check these out. BTW–I got this slideshow from my friend Paul who doesn’t have a website or a blog to credit. He is, though, a member of my writer’s group. Great guy, should you chance to meet him:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



3 thoughts on “Make Your Settings Memorable With These Details

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    • Aren’t they, though? I’m so glad you enjoy them. We would be remiss as writers if our characters visited one of these cities and didn’t mention the amazing sculpture contained within. Thanks for stopping by.


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