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10 Most Popular Writers Tips in 2010

I’m on vacation this week, madly trying to meet a deadline that just isn’t going to happen unless I work (in the words of Janet Napolitano) 24/7 364 days a year (I took Christmas off, too). I’ll be back next year.

For those eager to reinvigorate that writing energy, here are the hottest tips last year:

  1. Writer’s Tip #2: Ban Weak Adverbs
  2. Writers Tip #5: Beware the gerund
  3. Writer’s Tip #1: Use ‘Was’ Only Twice Per Page
  4. Writer’s Tip #3: Watch Out For Bouncing Eyes
  5. Writer’s Tip #4: When to Follow Rules
  6. Writer’s Tip #30: Too Many Prepositional Phrases
  7. Writer’s Tip #15: Make Descriptions in Character’s POV
  8. Writer’s Tip #19: Give Your Characters Their Heads
  9. Writer’s Tip #12: Know Your Character
  10. Writer’s Tip #8: Don’t Over-describe

What are you doing about your writing for the holidays?



5 thoughts on “10 Most Popular Writers Tips in 2010

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  2. You have a new baby, Anna? Congrats! I don’t envy you that! Two was plenty for me.

    I hear you about the re-reading. I had hoped to wordsmith my novel in the two weeks I have off from teaching, but it hasn’t worked so well. Today, finally, I’m beginning that process–with only five days to go. As you say, it’s hard to keep track of the action when you take breaks in the editing.

    Thanks for visiting.


  3. One day is much like another when you live in the wilderness. So, baring some chore, I write as much as possible. Currently, I’m rereading (and editing) my latest work in progress. It tends to get shelved for long periods of time so when I pick it up again, I do a reread to get back in the groove.

    Hopefully I’ll be doing a rework on another book to get it ready for publishing, no news on that yet. I figured I’d wait until after the first to ask after it again. Brand new babies and the holidays can make for busy times.


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