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Writer’s Tip #45: Finish Sentences

writers tipsWhen you read your story, does it sound off, maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you’ve done something wrong? Sometimes–maybe even lots of times–there are simple fixes. These writer’s tips will come at you once a week, giving you plenty of time to go through your story and make the adjustments.

Today’s tip: Finish your thoughts. Limit ellipses and sentence fragments.

Beginners use ellipses to show authenticity in a scene, but what it becomes is unrealistic. Most of us finish our sentences because our listeners wouldn’t understand. Even in interior monologue, we complete the thought, it’s just fast.

And, don’t use fragments . It seems authentic, stream of consciousness, but it’s confusing.

Credit: The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing

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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Tip #45: Finish Sentences

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