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Thriller Writers: These Books Are For You

That’s my genre. Here’s a list of the thriller writers who have helped me find my voice. Some are political thrillers, some military, some all-round action. They go beyond the structured genre and show how historic authors, scientific fiction authors and many varied writers intertwine action into their writing in a thrilling fashion.

See if you agree. Or add yours to the comments:

I’ve picked the best of my favorite action-thriller authors. Once you’ve read one book, you’ll want to read all of them.

Have I missed any?


7 thoughts on “Thriller Writers: These Books Are For You

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  2. Hey Cheri, that is a great article. I just read it. Wow, it’s inspirational. Who could stick with a book for 33 years trying to get it published. What would persuade him to send it out to yet another agent? I might right another book, but I wouldn’t keep sending the same book. Thanks for telling me about this book.


  3. Hi, Jacqui! I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “thriller” yet, because I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m currently reading Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes. He’s a Vietnam vet and is just a year older than I am (aka “mature”), and yet this is his first novel. That’s basically why I’m reading this one since I’m not generally drawn to war novels. After three decades, this book reached the NY Times bestseller list in 2010 (check out the fascinating journey at: He gives me continuing hope and inspires me beyond belief! And although the question about whether or not this is a “thriller” is unanswered for me at this point, I can already tell you that it’s full of action and the realities of that war, and I think you’ll find the book of great interest if you haven’t read it already. Marlantes’ fictional story as well as his own real story are both amazing.



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