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Need to Liven up Your Plot? Try This

Readers love novels for their plots and characters, but it takes more than that to get readers to love the book, recommend it to friends. Most times, it’s the way the author characterizes settings, minor characters, feelings–that sort. It’s what happens as I’m reading the narrative parts and those pieces between the action and adventure. How does the writer keep my interest when the plot slows down?

I’m always on the look-out for creative bits and pieces to liven up the corners of my story. Here’s a true story about a dog who plays with dolphins. I can see this in a story–that harbor next to my main character’s office where every morning a Labrador named Casey seeks out his friend.




2 thoughts on “Need to Liven up Your Plot? Try This

  1. As a Carolina boy, I can’t help but love anything to do with James Taylor. You’re right; writing can be a solitary, lonely gig. Sometimes you go for long stretches and don’t run into many other human beings who get you. About then another true artist pops up and all the effort is worth it.

    Having fun at book gigs with “The Mandolin Case” and at work on the sequel, “Acquisition Syndrome.”

    Dr. B


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