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Announcement: I’m Writing a Column For Write Anything

Write Anything, the bloggers associated with Emergent Publishing, is one of the most eclectic groups I’ve ever met. They live

write anything

Yeah, they mean that

all over the world–Australia, London, France, USA. They write anything from sci fi to historic fiction to creative non-fiction. Some are full-time writers. Some want to be. One’s a self-proclaimed ‘Marxist horror writer’.

Can you imagine a more fascinating group to hang out with? Their mission is egalitarian, all-inclusive, as open as the basket on a hot air balloon. Close-minded here will be as functional as a screen door on a submarine.

Come visit me in my new office (please!). I’d sure appreciate friendly faces. My first post is February 16th (or was it the 17th in Australia?) on the mysteries of my background (now doesn’t that sound exciting?). To make it worth your while, anyone who drops in and leaves a comment, I’ll send you a free copy of my upcoming ebook, Tech Tips for Writers. It should be out by the end of summer (if I get my act in gear). In fact, if you tell me what tip you’d like included, I’ll give you a shout out in the book.

Now, I must prepare for this weekend’s Southern California Writer’s Conference where I hope to meet the agent who will make me famous. <Sigh.>


6 thoughts on “Announcement: I’m Writing a Column For Write Anything

  1. This really sounds exciting, Jacqui! I’ll definitely visit your new office tomorrow. And I’ll be thinking about you at the SCWC this weekend. If you find that agent, we’ll all celebrate with you! –Cheri


    • I’m going to avoid the one you ran into, Don’t need that sort of false hope. Been there, done that.

      Luckily, you and I know the drill by now. It used to send me into a spiral. Now I take it in stride.


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