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Both Nook and Kindle Lead Company Sales. What’s That Tell us?

I’m still pondering whether I want a Kindle or Nook. This last month of news stories on the two didn’t

help at all. Barnes and Noble and Amazon issued similar news releases, both claiming their ereader was their biggest selling item in history and both claiming that ebooks outsold traditional books. Read this news release from Barnes & Noble. Every time you read ‘Nook’, substitute ‘Kindle’:

“With millions of NOOK eReading devices sold, the line has become the company’s biggest bestseller ever in its nearly 40-year history,” reads a press release. “The new NOOKcolor Reader’s Tablet, introduced just eight weeks before Christmas, is the company’s number one selling gift of the holiday season.”

B&N also went on to note that it “now sells more digital books than its large and growing physical book business on”

My take-away? Readers love ebooks. Nook and Kindle are the top ereaders so that’s what readers buy. I hope B&N learns that lesson–one Borders didn’t get–before we lose another valued brick-and-mortar book location.


4 thoughts on “Both Nook and Kindle Lead Company Sales. What’s That Tell us?

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  2. Hi, Jacqui! I finally decided, and my new Kindle3 arrived almost two weeks ago. Already I’m a crazed junkie, moving forward so much faster with the almost 600 page novel I’m reading (Matterhorn) because my featherlight Kindle is always in my purse. And I’m very happy with my decision to get a Kindle versus a Nook for a variety of reasons: user friendliness, price, size/weight, speed, capacity, battery life, and security that Amazon will still be there, just to name a few.

    But I found a great site for you, which includes a 12-minute side-by-side video comparison of the two products. The rest of the site goes into a lot more detail once you’ve watched the video. Let me know what you think after you’d had a chance to check this out:

    I have to laugh at myself because just six months ago I was saying that I didn’t need an e-reader, and that I never wanted to give up the feeling of holding a real book in my hands. Well … that “feeling” went away as soon as I realized that I could be carrying around as many as 3500 books with me all the time, if I’m so inclined. If I don’t catch up on my reading now, the room will be empty when I’m looking for someone to blame.

    Let me know what you decide, Jacqui, and if this site turns out to be helpful as you make your decision!


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