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New Column: Tech Tips for Writers

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Tech Tips for Writers

I got a lot of feedback on my post about the importance of an online presence for writers. In it, I shared a summary of why authors must take time away from their writing to market themselves in the online world. Most of the emails didn’t center around reader’s thoughts on the subject, rather their confusion over how to get involved. People are willing to stick their toe–dunk their entire body–into the virtual world, but don’t know how.

Why? Technology frightens them. Sure, they can write a book on a computer, but how do they format it? What happens when the computer freezes? What if their document disappears?

To help you address that, I’m starting a weekly Tuesday column called Tech Tips for Writers. Tech is my other world. I’ve written 8 books on it. In fifteen years of teaching computers, I’ve probably heard every problem, tried every solution, and made every mistake. I can tell you with certainty, there are no shortcuts to mastering that darkest of all topics, but there are quicker ways

I’d love to hear what you’d like to know about the techie side of writing. What bothers you most? Confuses you most? Let me know and I’ll start with those.




7 thoughts on “New Column: Tech Tips for Writers

    • It’ll be a combination of techie and computer stuff to promote a writer’s art. For example, what to do if your computer freezes, what if volume doesn’t work, how to email out of Word/Excel. I’ll also include skills like how to use Google Earth to research a setting, how to tap into social networks on the internet.

      Any wishes?


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  2. Thanks for dropping by, Ollin. In my writers groups and my social networks, I’m always surprised how difficult tech is to the best of writers. There are parts that are impossible, but most of what we need to use as writers is easily accomplished with quick directions. That’s what I’m aiming for.

    Any questions I can start with?


  3. Sounds like you found your niche! Exciting. I run into so many writers who are scared of technology so you’ll be filling in a huge void. I’ll be following this column myself, as I also need to learn a bit more of the techie side of things. Thanks for doing this!


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