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If You Aren’t On Scribd, You’re Missing Out

The Scribd community is like no other. Aspiring writers, poets, publishers–all together in one big town where you can stop by, read, friend. I’ve fallen in love with them and been spending (too much) time chatting and visiting. Truth, it must stop because I need to edit my novel, but that’s another issue.

As things work out, I received the Scribd Voice of the Week award a couple of weeks ago for my part in the community. I am honored and thrilled, but here’s the most amazing part: One of my new friends wrote this about me and published it:

I am humbled. All I can say is, if you haven’t joined Scribd, you’re missing out on quite a community.



7 thoughts on “If You Aren’t On Scribd, You’re Missing Out

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    • I love the writers community. I will say I’ve had no luck finding a teacher’s group. Either they aren’t as social, or they don’t exist. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Let me know if you have better success.


      • Hi, Jacqui! Congratulations on this latest honor! Lots of great things have been coming your way in recent weeks, and I’m very happy for you. Hard work and dedication like yours do pay off, if you hang in there–and that’s the most important lesson we can convey, I think, to new/young writers embarking upon the journey. Take care!


      • You are so right about the hard work, Cheri. I’ve been watching your book rise on Amazon thanks to your marketing efforts.

        While I love the community on Scribd, I don’t know how many sales I get from it. I have two accounts there, one as a writer and one for my tech books. The former I manage, the latter I let manage itself. Oddly, I get more sales from the latter, though more satisfaction from the former.

        Did you follow all those ‘formers’ and ‘latters’ (hehe). Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I see the confusion. No–Father Mike is one of the Scribners. There are all sorts of people on Scribd, as in any community. Beautiful picture, isn’t it?


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