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Who Are Bloggers?

Cartoon credit: Geocomics (click image to access)



13 thoughts on “Who Are Bloggers?

  1. Too true, but I’ve thought about this quite a bit and the fact is, a blog is likely to be hanging around in cyberspace for longer than any story I have in (former) print! When we’re dead and gone, and our kids are dead and gone, the stuff we leave all over the interwebbys will be the only memento of us.

    I think blogging is as valid as any other kind of writing/publishing.


    • I agree. What I’ve written here over the few years of its existence I don’t believe I could have written in a book. It’s a different voice, a different approach. I want to save it in case WordPress explodes and loses everything. I’m on the hunt for a reasonable way to do that (I found one, but not quite what I wanted).

      Thanks for dropping by.


  2. We bloggers are just modern writers, huh, Jacqui? The scribes of the electronic age. I hope you’ll read my post today. I think you’ll like it.

    Dr. B, author, “The Mandolin Case”


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