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Tech Tip for Writers #2: Social Media–What the Heck is it?

Writers today realize that penning a novel is only the beginning. After that, they must market their book. This is required whether they have an agent, publisher, or are self-pub’d. The responsibility for spreading the word of their new book falls to the author.

We are lucky today because we have what’s called ‘social media’. That includes Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Scribd, Diigo, Goodreads–all those online methods of sharing your work with the world.

If you read that list and said, “What? Uh…” watch the following two videos. They’ll explain what Social Media is in Plain English.

Now that you understand social media, how do you do what’s called ‘social networking’–the fulcrum of social media. How do you use it to promote your books. Watch this:

What social media works best for you?

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3 thoughts on “Tech Tip for Writers #2: Social Media–What the Heck is it?

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  2. Twitter works really well for me. I can get and give info easily. A great way to filter info from the web and find new friends. Facebook – not so great. Twitter is instant and the retweet is an awesome tool


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