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Do You Make These Writing Blunders?

Commonly Misused WordsSource: Online Schooling



12 thoughts on “Do You Make These Writing Blunders?

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    • Is English becoming the world’s language, as the dollar is becoming the engine of the world’s economy (though we’ve thrown a wrench in those works lately)? Is that because American business is everywhere or something else? I’ve traveled to the Soviet Union (a massive distinction from the current Russia et al) and a few other quick trips. Nothing like your involvement.

      BTW, I updated your comment with that change.


  6. Hilarious and so true. The English language is such a mess. Try teaching it for a living! After teaching in Japan for a while I became convinced that a linguistic travesty had occurred in English becoming the ‘world language’. We would be much better off with something consistent and easy to learn like Indonesian. I was in Bali for three days and was already going about my business in Bahasa Indonesia. My wife on the other hand, who is Thai, has been in Australia for three years and has been attending English classes the whole time. She now knows enough English to hold down a basic job, but gaining enough skill with English for her desired Master’s course is still a lot of hard work away.


    • Hmm, perchance you have a proclivity for languages? Japanese, Indonesian, Behasa. My head is swimming. I speak Russian (complicated like Japanese by a foreign alphabet) and it took four long years to master it, which I’ve now lost.

      C’est la vie.


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