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Book Review: Facebook for Business in 10 Minutes

Sams Teach Yourself Facebook for Business in 10 Minutes: Covers Facebook Places, Facebook Deals and Facebook AdsSams Teach Yourself Facebook for Business in 10 Minutes

by Bud Smith

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Note to Readers: This is part of my Amazon Vine Voice reviews.

I was very excited when Bud Smith’s Facebook for Business in 10 Minutes (SAMS Teach Yourself, 2011) became available through my Amazon Vine gig. I’ve wanted to get my business Facebook account going and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that while reviewing his book. I’ve been putting that task off because I expected it to take hours, but if I could really do it in ten minutes, all the better. So, book in hand, I sat down at my computer and started.

Smith begins with a solid introduction to Facebook and a nice offer to explore the online edition for FREE for 45 days as part of the purchase. I know a lot about Facebook–I have a personal page–so I skimmed the overview first chapter to get to Chapter 2–Setting Up a Business-Friendly Profile Page. Turns out this chapter was mostly about getting onto Facebook, though I did learn you can’t have a business Facebook page (what used to be called a ‘fan page’ and is now simply called ‘Facebook Page’. Who forgot to mention that was confusing when they made that decision?) without attaching it to a personal one. That explained a lot about my past FB set-up failures. I hurried onward and arrived at Lesson 3–Finding and Installing Apps.

Which is where I discovered two nasty habits of Smith’s. First, he finds it difficult to stay focused on FB for business. He keeps wandering into the personal FB territory. For example, he starts his discussion on Apps with the personal page. I angrily explained to the chapter pages that this was supposed to be about business, but as I got into the book, I realized this was probably because FB for business doesn’t exist without being the stepchild of a personal page. He even warned me–“Installing apps on your business fan page is a bit different and is covered in Lesson 7.” That brings me to the second nasty habit: Smith introduces an idea and then says he’ll cover the steps later. Same thing happened with Places. This jumping around takes half my ten minute allotment before I even get started.

And about that ten minutes. I guess you can sign up for a Facebook page in ten minutes, but each task takes much longer. Smith begins each with a thorough discussion, including how it relates to the personal FB account before even introducing the business FB steps. Maybe this is important because of the critical differences, but it ended up confusing me. My guess: readers who spent a lot of time setting up personal accounts will find this less confusing, but I’m just speculating. I only spent about an hour setting up my personal account. To be honest, each STEP in this book took about an hour. I found the descriptions not as thorough as I needed and a bit confusing. Adding apps , creating tabs and claiming my Place–I never did figure these out (though that could be me). I think I got on the wrong page, mixed up between the personal mother page and which of my three business fan pages I needed to be on to accomplish the task.

My conclusion: Facebook is a good business tool, but still awkward for that purpose. I get lots of visitors to my business blogs and websites from FB so I know it works. I wish they’d allow businesses to sign up as account holders. That’s not Smith’s fault. He tried to write a book to maneuver these minefields. For that, I applaud him. Despite the many ten minute increments (more like hours) I spent getting a rudimentary page established, if not for Bud Smith, I wouldn’t have my business FB page at all.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: Facebook for Business in 10 Minutes

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    • I guess it’s hard to get your brain around being a ‘fan’ of a business rather than a rock star, so they changed it to broaden the appeal. Better would have been to allow businesses to join FB on their own, rather than a sidekick of an individual.


  2. Yes, I discovered by accident that you can’t have a FB page without having a personal one. I do have a personal page, but wanted to have the business page completely separate – for the reason you mentioned, with respect to the ‘distraction” factor of wandering across to the personal page all the time! I’d love to work out what the magic answer is for using FB in medical writing. I know of a few medical writers using FB, but FB doesn’t really seem to be much in demand in that field. I kind of like posting odds and ends in there though, so I’ll keep going with it, it doesn’t take me long to post a feature or two each weekday. And maybe I’ll find the magic key one day! I love yours though – I think you have a good focus to draw people in. And the photos are wonderful!


    • I’m surprised not many medical writers use FB. How about G+? That allows for circles of interest, so you can focus your articles to the people who want to read them. I’ve put all of my persona there, publishing to various streams.


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