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Book Review: Moon Underfoot

moon underfootMoon Underfoot

by Bobby Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Reviewed for Amazon under the Amazon Vine Voice Program

Bobby Cole’s Moon Underfoot (Thomas &Mercer 2012) is a light-hearted crime novel with lots of drama always softened by quirky characters, unbelievable circumstances, and humorous asides. Tom Clancy won’t worry about the competition, but readers who want a page-turning story that keeps them off the edge of their chair and and up at night until the last page will be thrilled with this story.

It starts as a typical mystery/thriller: Jake Crosby and his daughter Katie narrowly escaped death at the hands of an all-round bad guy named Ethan ‘Moon Pie’ Daniels–Moon Pie to his friends. To survive, he had to kill two friends of Moon Pie’s, an action Jake fears will demand retribution. After a year, he begins to believe this part of his life is in his rear view mirror, strange things start happening that make it clear Moon Pie has neither forgiven nor forgotten. Just as the drama ratchets up, Cole throws in the secondary plot line: A geriatric foursome rob a Kroger grocery story to get money they can give to those who need it. It seemed so easy, they try a jewelry store, but this time, the owner is Moon Pie and the stolen money belongs to a drug kingpin. Moon Pie isn’t going to use a court of law to get his money back.

Cole shows the seeds of becoming an excellent writer. His characters are appealing and likeable. His plot is quick-moving and twisty enough to keep readers guessing. His sense of humor will be the voice that brings readers back to his books time and time again. I can’t wait for him to release his next.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: Moon Underfoot

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  3. It’s nice to just be able to pick up a normal read for once. I have been looking for a new one as I just finished a more intense thriller/mystery Blood Land by R.S. Guthrie. Loved it and recommend it if anyone needs a more deep book. But now it’s time to find a quick read that is good. Thanks for this review I have most certainly added it to the top of my tbr list!


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