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Tech Tips for Writers #95: Find the Programs You Use Quickly

Tech Tips for Writers is an (almost) weekly post on overcoming Tech Dread. I’ll cover issues that friends, both real-time and virtual, have shared. Feel free to post a comment about a question you have. I’ll cover it in a future Tip.

Q: I can’t always find the program I want. They seem to move around the desktop or get lost in the clutter. I don’t like putting them on the taskbar because that gets too busy. What’s a better way to organize programs I use all the time?

A: Pin them to the Start Menu.

  • Find the program icon.
  • Right click and you get a drop-down list of favorite choices.
  • Select “Pin to Start Menu”. That puts it above the line (when you push the Start button). Programs below the line are the ones you’ve used recently.

Now, all you have to do is push the Start button (in the lower left corner) and you’ll see all your favorite programs. It also works for websites if you have one you go to all the time (like Ask a Tech Teacher!).

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Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy. She is webmaster for six blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a columnist for and TeachHUB, Editorial Review Board member for Journal for Computing TeachersCisco guest blog,Technology in Education featured blogger, IMS tech expert, and a bi-weekly contributor to Today’s Author. In her free time, she is the editor of a K-8 technology curriculumK-8 keyboard curriculumK-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum, and creator of technology training books for how to integrate technology in education. Currently, she’s editing a thriller that should be out to publishers next summer. Contact Jacqui at her writing office or her tech lab, Ask a Tech Teacher.


9 thoughts on “Tech Tips for Writers #95: Find the Programs You Use Quickly

  1. WOW, you are a busy and accomplished woman! I’m just blown away! Thanks for visiting my site. I retired in August, so my site is random rather than focused on education, but education will always be in my heart. Technology is there, too. I’ll be following your blog. You are welcome back any time if you just want to enjoy a good laugh with me. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  2. I was just advised to log in to the TA site whenever I want to make a comment and I bet I must do same to submit articles. So now I also know where to pin the TA site so I can get to it quickly. Sort of a dedicated mailbox for favorite pen pals! How perfect and timely. Thank you for this great tip. Gonna pin your site there also. Who knew the computer could actually make my life easier? Thanks, Jacqui


    • There’s always a first.

      Since TA and yor blog are both WP, when you log in, they’ll show up in a list on the top right, under your name. I have 9 blogs I can access from one location. Love it.


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