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Book Review: A Study in Silks

A Study in Silks (The Baskerville Affair, #1)A Study in Silks (The Baskerville Affair)

by Emma Jane Holloway

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Emma Jane Holloway’s steampunk mystery/thriller, “A Study in Silks”, is fabulous. Thank goodness it is the first of three in the Baskerville Affair. The plot is common enough–murder in a wealthy home, police are stumped (or ignore it), powerful enemies want the murder to stay hidden, amateur detective digs around until it’s solved–at the risk of her own life, girl falls in love with TWO boys. Yeah, you’ve read dozens like that.

Here’s what makes Holloway’s story different:

  • the amateur detective (Evelena Cooper) is Sherlock Homes’ gorgeous niece, which means he makes a few critical cameos
  • Evelena has a storied past–which includes, magic, common roots, secrets that could ruin her in the wealthy society she wishes to be part of
  • Evelena has magical powers, part of which are a cute mouse and a sharp-tongued bird who add comic relief at just the right times
  • it’s set in Victorian England in a bit of an alternate reality where Steam Power is King

From the beginning, I can feel 1800’s England–the clothing, bustling life, speech style. Holloway puts me there. The characters are multi-layered and believable. The plot is richly-woven and intricate. And then she mixes in a touch of sci fi with futuristic devices, and a sprinkle of magic, to create a hybrid genre that Amazon settled on classifying as ‘mystery-thriller.

The only part that annoyed me was the temporal arrangement of the early chapters. The story kept jumping around as Holloway tried to share the actions of the various main characters. I didn’t so much get used to it as it ended when the plot was in full swing.

Although the story takes 549 pages to tell, the last few pages make it clear this is only part one. Thank goodness. I need to see what happens to Evelena. And Mouse. And Bird…


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