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100-Word Challenge–The Contest

wordsI got tagged by Tess over at How the Cookie Crumbles. She’s a regular participant in Julia’s One-Hundred Word Challenge for Adults. I’m not. I could never keep to the schedule, but Tess’s submittals are amazing.

So one week, I commented on her pithy submission. The next week, Tess formed her weekly challenge around my comment–and the race was on. I had to respond. Right? As my efriend Peter says over at Counting Ducks:

Yellow is the heart of green.

Understand? (You thought I wasn’t paying attention, didn’t you, Peter?)

Here’s my response to Tess (you’ll have to read the prior piece to understand my answer):

She hung up, confused.

“What’s wrong?” Harry sipped his umbrella drink. Truth, he had shoes older than Collette. And better made. Still, a man had to try or he was dead.

“Oh, nothing… I guess…” Her frown said otherwise.

Harry bit his tongue, hoping to escape.

“Did I mention these folks love a drink? They’re coming over—said a bar’s a better meeting place than the school. I should have remembered that.”

That ticked Harry off. “Why’d you tell them you were here?”

But he knew why. He suggested it. He sighed. Life was indeed the greatest show on Earth.

If you’re in my Chapman Writer’s Group–you know who I’m talking about!

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14 thoughts on “100-Word Challenge–The Contest

  1. Would you like to jump to my blog and respond to any of these folks; be my guest.
    I wonder if I should just re-blog the next time to capture everything and add the link to the folder so anyone can read from beginning to end. I’m looking for efficiency here. Any thoughts?


  2. Whoo Hoo. Jacqui, this will be posted on my blog after midnight. Thank you for your prompt response. We’re off to a hot start. Hope we join many more chains of events to see what happens next. Why does this make me think of spin the bottle? Oh. That’s right. Where it stops, nobody knows. 😀 😀


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