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Book Review: Trident Deception

The Trident DeceptionThe Trident Deception

by Rick Campbell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Received for review from Amazon Vine

I picked Rick Campbell’s ‘The Trident Deception‘ (St. Martin’s Press 2014) from my Amazon Vine list based on the name and the author’s bio. Rick Campbell is a retired Navy Commander with several tours on submarines. I had no doubt he’d bring life aboard the narrow confines of one of the most powerful military platforms in the world to life.

And he did. This is the story of the USS Kentucky, a Virginia-class Trident submarine, who receives orders to fire their weapons of last resort–the nuclear warheads–at Iran because that enemy nation destroyed America’s capitol and killed tens of thousands. Trouble is, that never happened and the orders are an elaborate hoax. The plot delves into the many ways the US tried to stop the sub with a sprinkling of love interest thrown in for those who like that in their military thrillers. This is a gripping and credible plot that worries many. I found it fascinating to see how a man who should know posits we’d get ourselves out of that mess.

His inexperience as a storyteller (this is his first novel) comes through in that the characters are somewhat one-dimensional, the plot bumpy, and the story arc jerky and not altogether believable at times. What saves the book is Campbell’s authentic voice–no surprise with his background. The up-close view readers get of life aboard a sub, their weapons and crew, how they operate, is worth the price of the book. I gave it four stars based on this insider knowledge. I’ve read lots of novels about submarines and this is the most credible I’ve read.

If you would like to purchase this book from Amazon, click the link below:

The Trident Deception

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19 thoughts on “Book Review: Trident Deception

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    • For a future blog post, please share your typical day. I might have to read it out of the corner of my eye–for fear the weight will knock me over–but I’d love to know a Tess Typical Day


      • You are a tough taskmaster, Jacqui. This makes me sound like I have a clue how to accomplish anything of worth, or that I know what I’m doing.
        The short version is butt in chair 12 hours a day (ouch); pots of coffee, lots of pee breaks; rubbing head; reading and commenting on blogs; lunch break; one hour to read for pleasure; and so on and so on.
        Everyday is a fight to carve out time for me to do my thing.


  5. I’m not too familiar with submarines. Many times voice saves a novel. First books are interesting–they could be an author’s best work or worst work from the ones I’ve read, while other authors are more consistent from book to book.


  6. I’m a bit of a boat and navel fanatic myself, so that aspect of the book would certainly interest me. I am curious about your ‘Vine’ list from a selfish point of view, and how I would ever get on one, or how that is done, or is it an automatic process and the rest of it


    • Amazon Vine has to find you–they don’t accept applications. All I did to get noticed was write lots of reviews of books I’ve read. I did it because I love books and they they showed up in my inbox. Here are more details on it–


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