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Book Review: Twelve Days

Twelve Days (John Wells, #9)Twelve Days

by Alex Berenson

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Received for review from Amazon Vine

I’m always excited when a new John Wells novel comes out, so when Twelve Days (A John Wells Novel) showed up on my Vine list (G.P. Putnam 2015), I grabbed it. This is the ninth in the series about John Wells, an American ex-CIA spy who was undercover as a Islamic jihadist for ten years, gathering critical information for his country and also developing a respect for the Muslim religion that he adopted while under.

This is a tight sequel to the prior book, “Counterfeit Agent”. In that book, Wells stopped the person involved in a nefarious plot against America but not the plot. In this book, Wells finds the goal of the people who hired the man Wells killed: Protect Israel by starting a war between America and Iran. Wells knows in his gut that Iran is not responsible, but fails to convince anyone in power of that. He has twelve days to reveal the truth or watch America attack Iran for crimes they didn’t commit.

If you didn’t read the prior novel, no worries. The first fifty-seventy pages of this book are a replay of events leading up to the present, but from the viewpoint of the bad guys rather than Wells. I’ve seen that done within a novel, but not across two different books. It involved copious amounts of narrative and backstory, though nicely constructed, and I kept wanting to rush through it because I knew the plot points.

John Wells is a fascinating character, with his undercover experiences that shape everything about him, his broken personal relationships that he can’t get past, and his ongoing struggling between the peaceful underpinnings of Islam and the violence of his chosen profession. Overall, a good read.

You can purchase this book through Amazon with this link: Twelve Days (A John Wells Novel).

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  3. I’ve been reading Louise Penny’s “Inspector Gamache” series. They’re not the best from a mystery/thriller perspective, but they weave a rich mix of French-Canadian culture and the characters are great. Since I’m near the end of the series, this looks like a good replacement. With all this reading, though, when will I work on my book?


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