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Book Review: The Reckoning

The Reckoning: Book Three of the Niceville TrilogyThe Reckoning: Book Three of the Niceville Trilogy

by Carsten Stroud

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‘The Reckoning’  (Vintage Books 2015) is Book #3 in Carsten Stroud’s ‘Niceville’ trilogy, the story of a quiet southern town torn apart by murder and mayhem that can only be explained by supernatural beings. In this final chapter (read my reviews of ‘Niceville‘ and ‘Homecoming, the first two books in the series), what had been a thriller tinged with paranormal now is fully driven by the otherworldly actions of the hideous creatures that haunt what residents considered a safe and friendly place to raise their kids. The story is told through several point of views, almost like vignettes, tightly connected by the common plot line. With each vignette, we see another character’s part in moving the story forward to its eventual climax. My only complaint is that it often takes a long time to get back to a favorite character as Stroud weaves his devious tapestry. And he always leaves us on a cliffhanger which–predictably–keeps me reading so I can find out what happens next.

What should make even non-paranormal readers try this book is Carsten Stroud’s skill. He’s a powerful writer, with a strong, unique voice that drives the plot and the characters. He’s colorful, pithy, and likable, able to draw readers in to the character’s motivations with just a few sentences. Here are examples:

“The rain streaming down put a misty halo around all the streetlamps and hammered on the red tile roofs of the houses. The gutters were choking on leaves and muddy water.”

“…also in their trudging walk and the way they sagged into themselves as they passed by him and went on out into the sunlit streets of Niceville. Their faces were blank, expressionless, and there were no children.”

“…in hues and tints that even God had never seen coming…”

He used to apply this talent to military thrillers–six of them, all excellent. This trilogy shows his versatility as a writer.

I wonder what he’ll pen next… Mr. Stroud? Would you give us a hint?

Be aware that this book is the third and final installment of a trilogy. It is much easier understood if you’ve read the first two.

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24 thoughts on “Book Review: The Reckoning

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  6. Looks good. I don’t mind a little paranormal thrown in with my thrillers every now and then. Preston and Child do this well with their Agent Pendergast series. Michael Gruber too with his Jimmy Paz trilogy.


  7. With such great writing and thrilling plot I’m not surprised you gave it top marks. It takes skill to make such ‘vignettes’ work and it seems he’s pulled it off. Lovely informative review.


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