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Book Review: Off the Grid

Off The Grid (Joe Pickett, #16)Off The Grid

by C.J. Box
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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C. J. Box’s latest Joe Pickett novel, Off the Grid, is the best one yet in the fourteen-year, sixteen-book series. There’s a lot of backstory that leads to this desolate desert setting, Joe separated from his best friend and crime-solving partner Nate Romanowski, chasing a strange collection of misguided terrorists, but it all comes together in one of the most powerful, most satisfying Joe Pickett novels yet.

When Wyoming Fish and Game warden Joe Pickett tracks a man-killing black bear to the Red Desert, as cover so he can spy on a suspected terrorist who may or may not be up to something dangerous, he doesn’t realize that his estranged buddy Nate Romanowski is involved in the same caper, albeit for different reasons, and that his daughter will end up the terrorist’s next target. Mixed in throughout the story is Nate’s love of falconry and his respect and passion for the predatory birds.

It’s pretty impossible to start a Joe Pickett novel (I’ve read all of them–here’s a review of Badlands and one of Endangered) and takes notes, even though I knew I needed to review it (that’s part of my deal with Amazon as a Vine reviewer). I had good intentions that fizzled into a couple of sentences and a satisfied feeling as I turned the last page. I’ll leave it at that. If you like the wild outdoors, a bias for action, a story driven by loyalty and family, this book–this entire series–is right for you.

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21 thoughts on “Book Review: Off the Grid

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    • I do that–love long series. I’m just about finished with my latest addiction, Berger and Mitrie, about a small town trouper who teams up with a movie critic to solve crimes. The chemistry between these two is wonderful.

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  4. Thanks Jacqui – I’ve never heard of C.J. Box – how amazing the timespan of his writing! I love spy stories – always so complex and thrilling. My appetite is whetted – for a change by a book and not a cream scone.

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  5. You always review books that wet my appetite and they end up on my TBR list or I buy them immediately. This is one I will buy immediately because it speaks to me. I have never read anything from this author so I might end up going back to the beginning of his series and start reading forward.
    Thank you, My Dear.

    For the record, I can’t find your A to Z Challenge articles. Could you tell me what link they are on.


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    • This is the Berger and Mitrie of the rural detective genre. A little less cozy, but not graphic or disturbing at all in the ways he fights crime. He’s an amateur with a knack for ferreting otu the truth.


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