To Hunt a Sub

Still Waiting…

to hunt a subI was planning to launch my debut thriller, To Hunt a Sub, today, but I’m still waiting on the results of my Kindle Scout campaign. For those who aren’t familiar with that program, it’s a simple last-step to take prior to publishing:

  • upload your completed novel (including cover) to the Kindle Scout website
  • provide detail on the book and yourself
  • provide a preview chapter that potential readers can read and then vote up or not
  • wait a month for voting to conclude
  • wait ‘a few days’ (now approaching a week) while the nice Kindle Scout folks analyze their data and decide who gets a publishing contract

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear…



53 thoughts on “Still Waiting…

    • Finally–I’m uploaded. I guess the Kindle Scout delay was because I made a few cuts. Nice. I now await their review and then they’ll make the link available. I’m almost there! Have you done this dozens of times, Medeia? I think it might be simple once you know what to do.


    • Yes, I moved on quickly. Once I decided on self-pub, I wasn’t really looking for a traditional publisher anyway. I sent you an update note, but the gist is that I finally am uploaded and awaiting their review. They say 12-48 hours, at which point I’ll forward the link. I know you planned on publishing tomorrow–if you need to change that, I completely understand.

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  1. My husband has a plaque – he is a builder – it reads “A couple of days – give or take a week”. An artist friend painted it for him after booking him in for a renovation. Sounds very applicable to the publishing industry. I don’t know how you can stand it!!!

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