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Top 10 Book Reviews in 2017–and my Goodreads Summary

I read 208 books according to Goodreads–blasting through my goal of 200 books.

I love reading and would prefer to do that than watch TV, go to the gym, floss my teeth, pay bills, or do the laundry. I review a lot of the books I read, usually received from Netflix or the library but not all. I collect my book reviews here but it isn’t always up to date. I’m probably going to move that this year.

When I read for fun, I often read thrillers, mysteries, and historic fiction so you’ll see a lot of those on the top ten list.

The ten favorite books I read in 2017 (in alphabetic order) are:top 10

  1. Bitter’s Run by Rod Collins (great old Western)
  2. lots by C.J. Box
  3. Digital Dick by John Mullen
  4. The Fix by David Baldacci
  5. The Jess Williams Westerns series by Robert Thomas
  6. Mariah’s Song by Rod Collins (well, the entire series)
  7. The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin
  8. Serenity by Craig Hart
  9. several by Wilbur Smith
  10. Wolf Pear by Dianne Gray

Since I read about three books a week, I’m always eager for new material. What’s your favorite book from 2017?

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the upcoming Born in a Treacherous Time. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer,  a columnist for TeachHUB, monthly contributor to Today’s Author and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. You can find her books at her publisher’s website, Structured Learning.


64 thoughts on “Top 10 Book Reviews in 2017–and my Goodreads Summary

  1. Hi Jacqui – that is a lot of books … but you’re a professional reader … I really should get into that mode – things not that comfortable here yet.

    I really enjoyed Vancouver … it is 800 pages, but I skipped thru – yet noted the various peoples (so I’ll be referring back to it quite often) … but it’s about life here from the last Ice Age to now – it’d tie in with your recent thoughts. and how they got here via Beringia before the sea levels rose … and is similar to the new continent of Zealandia …

    The back page mentions it’s like Michener’s book on Alaska, and Rutherford’s Sarum … I really should get those out to read.

    I bought the Why Bob Dylan Maters by Richard Thomas (classics professor at Harvard) – which goes into Latin, Greek, poetry et al … after his Nobel Prize …

    Cheers Hilary

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  2. Jacqui, I’m awed by the number of books you read last year – I didn’t get close. I simply can’t read that fast. I did note your lunch and dinner hours – much shorter than mine – LOL. How wonderful to be able to read so many books – my TBR list is extremely long.

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  3. Wow, Jacqui, that’s very impressive, especially as you’re also a writer.
    I was not much a reader this year, unfortunately, as I concentrated on getting my seventh novel published.
    Reading is so relaxing! I agree, it’s better than TV, for the most part (although I’ve really enjoyed The Crown on Netflix and Victoria on PBS).

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  4. I’ve read three favourites this year: The Badass Librarians of Timbuktu; The Man Who Cycled Around the World for Love and Darjeeling, The Worlds greatest tea. They were all creative non-fiction.

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  5. Jacqui, Glad to see that my book made your shortest book list. I’m a SciFanatic. Beside enjoying the two SciFi that may someday be SciFact books that you wrote that would make fantastic movies, I enjoyed Martian, Ready Player One, and Damocles by S.G. Redling. Great year for ScyFy.

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  6. Well, I made 40 books last year, but out of all of them I’d have a struggle to select one that was the best. I did love Where Things Come Back and Salt to Sea. Yours, too, of course. I loved the adventure you wove.

    This year I’m off to a running start because I was asked to judge in the Cybil’s, so I’m already at book seven. Love to read, so this is not a hard job in the least, and I’m finding some really good books.

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  7. Yes, in awe. I could only manage 22. Wish I had counted when I was younger and read all the time. Now it’s just before bed which leads to falling asleep, which leads to having to re-read a page or two to make sure I don’t miss anything. 25 is my goal for this year.

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  8. I used to read that much. I do Goodreads too. I try not push self I know I will probably read a little over a 100 so I make my goal 80-100 depending. This year I did 80 for my goal because I want to do more writing than the reading.

    200 is a lot of books. I use to read that many, maybe a little more but my average has dropped as my focus changed and my ability to concentrate wobbles. I hope I will get back to that one day.

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  9. Wowee! That’s a lot of reading – go girl!
    How did you get this post shared from Goodreads to your blog? I did it last year but couldn’t find a share button this year, so lost all the pretty formatting (scroll, ruler etc.)

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  10. Jacqui, I’m enjoying your stat posts – and ones on reading are the best! 😀That is a LOT of books – I am in awe how you manage it all! Congratulations to Debby’s star book and it’s interesting to see your top ten.

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