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#IWSG Will my new book be a bang or a whimper?

writers groupThis post is for Alex Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writers Support Group (click the link for details on what that means and how to join. You will also find a list of bloggers signed up to the challenge that are worth checking out. The first Wednesday of every month, we all post our thoughts, fears or words of encouragement for fellow writers.

This month’s insecurity – Will my new book make a bang or a whimper?

I have had acceptably-successful launches in the past but my latest is prehistoric fiction called Born in a Treacherous Time–kind of a niche interest:

Lucy and her band of early humans struggle to survive in a world where nature rules, predators stalk them, and the next species of man threatens to destroy Lucy and everything she understands.

I do have two great reviews:

“Murray’s lean prose is steeped in the characters’ brutal worldview, which lends a delightful otherness to the narration …The book’s plot is similar in key ways to other works in the genre, particularly Jean M. Auel’s The Clan of the Cave Bear. However, Murray weaves a taut, compelling narrative, building her story on timeless human concerns of survival, acceptance, and fear of the unknown. Even if readers have a general sense of where the plot is going, they’ll still find the specific twists and revelations to be highly entertaining throughout.

A well-executed tale of early man.”

–Kirkus Reviews

Click here for the entire review


“I devoured the book in 2 sittings.”

–Luciana Cavallaro, author of the Servant of the Gods series and webmaster of Eternal Atlantis


Despite these, I am setting my sights low because I know if it bombs, I will be sorely depressed. I shouldn’t but emotions aren’t logical are they?

BTW: If you would like to help launch Born in a Treacherous Time on June 7th, here’s the sign-up link  or use the form below (if you already signed up from an earlier post, no need to do so again!):


On June 7th, I’ll share the schedule of participants which will include your name, a link to your blog, and a link to where you offer your books so everyone will click over to visit!

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Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the upcoming Born in a Treacherous Time, first in the Man vs. Nature collection. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer,  a columnist for TeachHUB, monthly contributor to Today’s Author and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. You can find her books at her publisher’s website, Structured Learning.

98 thoughts on “#IWSG Will my new book be a bang or a whimper?

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  7. Book launches are hard, and you never know what makes it successful. I do wish you every success, Jacqui. It is a great read and very much looking forward to the second instalment in Man Vs Nature series 😀

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    Son dönemlerde birçok insan tarafından merak edilen, tuz lambası nedir gibi soruların sorulduğu bu önemli ürün, aslında sahip olduğu faydalarıyla hem göze, hem de sağlığınıza hitap etmektedir. Tuz lambaları, çeşitli boylarda şekillendirilmiş kaya tuzunun içine lamba yerleştirilmesiyle elde edilen oldukça faydalı bir üründür. Tuz lambası satın almak istiyorsanız :

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  10. Jacqui, I remember when you wrote on a post about Kirkus review and were a bit nervous of their review. No need to be at all!! Their review is superb!! Fantastic critical praise … I’m so happy for you! I’ll see you around a bit on your blog hop and best of luck with the launch! I have a feeling you are going to turn this niche market into a general one! 😀

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    • The next two books spilling out of me are along this same line. After that, I’m not sure. I suppose it will depend upon interest. I’ve drafted two more books, one thriller and one historical fiction. Hmm…

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  11. Hi Jacqui – gosh that’s tomorrow for the launch. Bang or Whimper … well we will see – I’d say bang … but there’ll be lots of bones for many to find in the years ahead … a long tail I foresee!! Good luck … but well done on getting to this point – cheers Hilary

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  12. I think we all feel that sense of nervous anticipation and the temptation to pull back on the enthusiasm of setting one of our babies free! I’m sure it will be a bang – with reviews like that there will be no whimpering! I can’t wait to help celebrate the release 🙂

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  13. I second what Karen Hume said in her comment. Sums up exactly how I feel about it too. Just getting the book out there is a huge success and congrats again on the Kirkus Review. Best of luck with things!

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  14. Consider it a bang because it is published and out in the world. Consider it a bang because a positive Kirkus review is nothing to sneeze at. Consider it a bang because the niche market of those interested in prehistoric fiction are going to be thrilled to read it. And consider it a bang because even those of us who aren’t interested in prehistoric fiction are cheering you on because we care about you.

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