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I’m Traveling!

I’m over at Adrienne Morris’ Nothing Gilded Nothing Gained to share tricky ways my far-flung family and I stay in touch. Come visit!


21 thoughts on “I’m Traveling!

  1. Happy we live in a world where so much technology helps us stay close even when we are far apart. Thanks to FB messenger, tonight I am going to enjoy a “private” concert by my 13-year-old grandson playing his solo trumpet piece that he will play at the festival on Saturday. It’s solo and ensemble contest time. The Google sheets are new to me. I tried to leave a comment on Adrienne’s blog, but they didn’t like me changing from my WP account to google and said I’d logged in too many times. Hope I can make it work here.

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    • I love that–a private concert. I don’t like social media but these parts–staying in touch with loved ones–are irreplaceable. A trumpet solo–that is unusual. I’m proud of him from this distance.


  2. Our family is spread out too. I am in Spain and my brother is in Thailand. Mom and my son and family are in Alberta, Canada and my daughter is on the west coast of Canada. We use Skype and Messenger for the most part but haven’t tried Google. I’ll keep that in mind. Thankfully social media keeps us all in touch and we don’t feel so isolated from each other.

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