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3 Great Romantic Reads

This is not my normal genre but these three were wonderful:

  1. Unorthodox — A romance writer, a ghost, and an FBI agent team up to stop a serial killer
  2. Dangerous Sanctuary — Even the minister of a small church could be a murderer
  3. The Sheriff Meets His Match — Sheriff Jack Garrett thinks he’s over women, that they can’t interest him after his nasty divorce. But then he meets Laurel.


by S. Peters-Davis


In Peters-Davis first installment of the Kendra Sparks series, Unorthodox, (Books We Love 2017), Kendra Sparks hasn’t seen her best friend from high school, Jenna, in years. But when Jenna, now an FBI agent, calls for help, asking Kendra, now a romance writer, to jump on a plane to Washington DC, Kendra does. Immediately. She always seemed to do what Jenna asked. Before Jenna can plea with Kendra to use her psychic abilities, the ones where she can talk to ghosts, to catch a serial killer, the young FBI agent is killed. It is left to Kendra, Derek (Jenna’s FBI partner who knows nothing about Kendra’s abilities), and–surprisingly Jenna in her new splashy ghostly form, to stop this murderer before he kills Jenna’s father.

What a fresh approach to catching murderers. It’s a hoot to watch Jenna gather information no normal human could, and Kendra share that with the FBI when there’s no reason she’d know these facts. How that works makes for a fun, fast-moving, and exciting novel that I looked forward to reading every moment I wasn’t. It’s just the right mix of action, intrigue, and budding romance to make me happy this is a series, not just a one-off murder mystery. Highly recommended for those who love a great, light read.

dangerous sanctuaryDangerous Sanctuary

by J.Q. Rose


In J.Q. Rose’s Dangerous Sanctuary (Books We Love Ltd 2016), 32-year-old Christine, Pastor of a small, neighborly church, is stunned when her congregation’s beloved music director, William White, is murdered. When the handsome detective, Cole Stephens, who is investigating the crime suspects her because she has means, opportunity, and argued with William over music, she does two things: 1) she trusts God to secure her innocence, and 2) she works with the detective to find the real killer. Along the way, she becomes attracted to the sexy, hunky Detective Stephens but she’s still recovering from a broken marriage that also broke her faith in men. As Christine amateur detectives her way through searching for the real murderer, we get a peek into the life of a small-church minister as she prays with her congregation, plans church activities, arrange youth projects, and everything else that her members require no matter the time of day, her schedule, or her energy level.

“She could mingle with her congregation at the supper held in the basement of the church. It was an evening of good food, Bible studies, choir practices, and fellowship”

What really makes this book stand out is that Christine keeps her trust in God front and center with everything she does, humbly asking for his help and trusting that he will do just that:

“Lord, I have so much to do. I cannot allow a distraction like Cole Stephens into my life. Help me to focus on the work of the church, Your work. My heart isn’t healed enough to give it away again to another man.” 

Highly recommended for lovers of cozy or Christian fiction or even those who simply like a feel-good story that includes romance.

The Sheriff Meets His Match

Jacquie Biggar


Sheriff Jack Garrett, the hero of Jacquie Biggar’s The Sheriff Meets His Match (Wavefront Publishing 2015), Book 4 of the Wounded Hearts series, has no time for love. He is barely over a nasty divorce, trying to raise a challenging teenage daughter, and then there are his regular duties as Sheriff of Tidal Falls. Well, maybe he’s not over his divorce. He’s still hurt, angry, and struggling to get back to where he was before it all happened. It helps that he’s a hunk and has any number of women ready to assist him on any given day. Or night. But no one interests him until Laurel shows up, the temporary receptionist while Angie–the regular–is away. Laurel is sassy, energetic, and gorgeous. Oh–she’s also a con artist. She wants to retire but her Uncle–the man who introduced her to the con artist life–keeps dragging her back into it. Now, Uncle Max needs Laurel’s help with the final swindle, the last one and then he can quit. Laurel tries to turn him down but he reveals that this con will free his daughter from the clutches of a money hungry, nasty husband. The problem is, it’s in Sheriff Garrett’s backyard and while he may be a hunk, he’s also pretty sharp.

This is a fast-moving sexy story that might or might not end well for Laurel and the Sheriff but it sure will tantalize their spirits. This is highly recommended for those who love romance stories. Be warned: This is a novella so be prepared for nonstop fast-as-lightning action that ends in about 146 pages.

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Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and Born in a Treacherous Time, first in the Man vs. Nature saga. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, blog webmaster, an Amazon Vine Voice,  a columnist for TeachHUB and NEA Today, and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. Look for her next prehistoric fiction, Survival of the Fittest, March 2019, first in the Crossroads Trilogy. You can find her tech ed books at her publisher’s website, Structured Learning

50 thoughts on “3 Great Romantic Reads

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      • Thanks for this trio of suggestions. I usually look in the new books area at the library for those unique Indy writers. I particularly enjoy a mix of intrigue and romance. I just don’t use Kindle since I have had both eyes with glaucoma and one has a lens implant due to a cataract. My 20 book reviews cost me between $200 – $300 when I blogged. Since I live in an apt, I just borrow libary books (and audiobooks) now. 📚 😊

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  5. I used to read romance all the time. But of late, I’m not as interested in it. No, nothing bad has happened romantically in my life. Of course, that could be the reason I’m not enchanted with it anymore. I do like that idea about a ghost helping with the investigation though.

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  6. Thanks so much for sharing your review of Dangerous Sanctuary, Jacqui. It was a fun story to write the romance AND the mystery and include a pig and kangaroo. Thanks for spotlighting the romance stories, perfect for February, the month for romance. I’ll share this post.
    JQ Rose

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