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#AtoZChallenge: Genres–Chicklit

The A to Z Challenge asks bloggers to post 26 articles on a themed topic. It’s supposed to be every day except Sundays during the month of April but I did this last year, found it way to busy for the likes of me, and decided to post mine ‘about’ once a month. Yes, it’ll take me a couple of years. Sigh.

My topic, like the last two times I did the conventional approach, will be writing genres.

This genre:



  literature that appeals mainly to women.

Tipsa to z

  1. There’s a fine line between clever and catty. Don’t cross it–or at least know you have.
  2. Address issues of modern womanhood in a humorous and/or lighthearted way
  3. Give your characters a life, not just a boyfriend.
  4. Most chick lit novels are character-driven.
  5. Most protagonists are employed in glamorous professions.
  6. Romance must be indecorous.
  7. The heroine is either looking for Mr. Right or getting over Mr. Wrong.
  8. She’s in a dead-end job or is looking to climb the corporate latter.
  9. The story usually is told in the first person.
  10. By novel’s end, the heroine usually has worked out all her problems and has learned important lessons about life.

Popular Books

  1. Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding
  2. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
  3. Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell
  4. Mercury in Retrograde by Paula Froelich
  5. The Winter Folly by Lulu Taylor
  6. Waiting to Exhale by Forest Whitaker
  7. Watermelon by Marian Keyes
  8. The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin
  9. Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner
  10. The Undomestic Goddess by Kinsella

Click for complete list of these 26 genres

Click for a complete list of all genres I’ve written about

More C Genres:

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the Man vs. Nature saga. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, blog webmaster, an Amazon Vine Voice,  a columnist for TeachHUB and NEA Today, and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. Look for her next prehistoric fiction, The Quest for Home, Fall 2019. You can find her tech ed books at her publisher’s website, Structured Learning

41 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Genres–Chicklit

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  3. I read “The Devil Wears Prada” and enjoyed it. I’ll have to give some of the others a look. I haven’t read or seen “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and don’t usually read Chicklit but sometimes they work for my PopSugar reading challenge categories.

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  4. I haven’t read anything off of the list but always meant to read Bridget Jones. There are times when chick-lit is a perfect fit when i am stressed and simply want to be entertained.

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  5. I so loved Bridgette Jone’s Diary. I was going through a tough time in my life and it lightened my mood. I remember reading parts of it out loud to hubby as we were on a road trip and both of us laughing so hard. I don’t often read chicklit but once in awhile, we need it!

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  6. Jacqui, I always like subverting the rules! 😀😀 Posting every day seems nigh impossible and I had no idea how you managed it last year! I was in total awe of you! However, I had no chance to keep up with all the posts … this way your readers can savour them! Ahh… chick lit! A term that grates on me but well described and good examples here. Must admit I’ve only read Fielding’s book.

    Liked by 1 person

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