Against All Odds / Crossroads / Man vs Nature

How I’m Doing on Against All Odds–5

Time for a monthly update on how I’m doing with my WIP, Against All Odds, Book 3 of the Crossroads trilogy.

Based on a true story, the extraordinary saga of hardship, conflict, family, and survival…

A quick summary:

A million years of evolution made Xhosa tough but tough enough for this?

Here’s what I have done the past month:

  • Not much. I’m still editing. I needed a break from Autocrit so switched to reading through the novel for pacing, wording, and authenticity. As I read, I keep three books open on my desktop (my third screen):

When I get stuck on a description that doesn’t sound detailed enough or have too many people nodding or scowling, these are the books I turn to. For me, this works really well.

  • I started gathering files and pictures for my trailer but still haven’t ordered my cover. I’ll know when I’m ready.

That’s it! How are you doing on your latest WIP? I’d love to hear!

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Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the Man vs. Nature saga. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, blog webmaster, an Amazon Vine Voice,  a columnist for NEA Today, and a freelance journalist. Look for her next prehistoric fiction, Against All Odds, Summer 2020.


83 thoughts on “How I’m Doing on Against All Odds–5

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  2. I’d like to be a better writer. Although all I write right now is a blog. I never knew there were books like the Writer’s Lexicon. Seems like they would be very helpful. I know I am guilty of using the same words over and over. I read a sample of one of the Lexicons which said not to write in the present tense. I am reading a friend’s book written in present tense right now and I really like it.

    I hope your book is going well.

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  3. It looks like you’re coming right along, Jacqui. I keep trying to get back into the novel I started in November. It’s a quirky urban fantasy set in the early 60s. However, (like so many other writers) the added anxiety of the virus situation leaves me unable to focus. So, I’m editing too… but almost out of existing content. Sigh…
    Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

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  5. Write, write, write, Jacqui! You have such a marvelous work ethic! This is our spring break week, so I am catching up on posts! I get the feeling my students are depressed, as many have had to move back home. Seems like you are on track with the next book! I am in the final phase of my first draft and should be able to send to local author/blogger friend, Cathleen Townsend for her editing! We had hoped to meet up for her to show me how to deal with Mobi files, so hopefully, we can still do that early summer!

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        • My son Sean is in Okinawa and he says nothing has changed there. It has in Japan but not on his little island. And a fellow writer I talk to in South Korea says things are getting back to normal. Hopeful, isn’t it?

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          • I’m very glad Sean feels safe. My understanding it that they implemented forced isolation conditions in some countries. A team of physicians from China came here (sorry, I forgot exactly where) to explain why China has gotten the upper hand on Covid 19. They told the audience that we’re not doing what we must do here – to enforce strict measures of isolation. We’ve go thousand of kids on spring break romping in large crowds, getting drunk, having sex, ignoring all safety guidelines. My sweet elderly neighbor walked to my house in the rain to give me a slice of homemade cake. I threw it out and will refuse any thing else she offers. Hated to do that – I should have refused to even accept it. People don’t understand what quarantine means or why it’s essential. This comment is for your eyes, you’re welcome to delete it from your blog, no bad feelings on this end.

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  6. “Too many people nodding or scowling” Ha ha ha. I know exactly what you mean. My characters tend to do a lot of “glancing” at each other. Everyone’s always glancing at something. Lol. Keep at it, Jacqui. I’m looking forward to the read. 🙂

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    • Thanks. I’m glad it’s not ready now. I’ve been reading authors publishing during these times. I am not sure I’d have it in me to be excited.

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  7. Good to have those books on hand when those nods and sighs take over. I’m trying to get through a final last twos run throughs. I keep getting distracted. Have a good weekend.

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  8. I am doing pretty well too, Jacqui. Better than expected because of this work from home thing. I seem to have more time now even though I am supervising my boys virtual classrooms and school work. I finished the stories for all three ghosts and am now doing the bits to bind it all together.

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    • It’s amazing how much travel, chatting, lunch with coworkers–all that time adds up. Suddenly, it’s gone and you have a ton of time for writing. At least, that was my experience!

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  9. I admire your tremendous work power, and I’m sure “Against All Odds” will be a tremendous success, “against all odds” 😜surely this coming summer may still reserve us surprises. I do appreciate the resources you have been using, a bing “thanks” for the hint!

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  10. Hi Jacqui – it’s great to know you’re progressing on … I love your screen set up – I aspire to those!! Are you reading aloud … and does that make a difference to actually just reading it as you would a book … keep on – and obviously there’s more time now – desperate for so many. Take care and look after yourselves – cheers Hilary

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    • Hi, what’s up , hope all is well, I like your profile and i decided to contact you . I will like us to meet if you don’t mind .Your incredible beautiful woman. Regs.


  11. Nice progress, Jacqui! I have all three of the craft books that you mentioned. Sadly, mine aren’t as neat as yours. When it comes to my writing tools, I need the physical book, so mine are scattered on my desk and riddled with post-its, highlights and dog-ears. 🙂

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