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How I’m Doing on Against All Odds–7

I’m almost done with my WIP, Against All Odds, Book 3 of the Crossroads trilogy:

Based on a true story, the extraordinary saga continues, filled with hardship, family, courage, truth, and survival.

Here’s a quick summary:

A million years of evolution made Xhosa tough but was it enough? She and her People finally reach their destination—a glorious land of tall grasses, few predators, and an abundance that seems limitless, but an enemy greater than any they have met so far threatens to end their dreams. If Xhosa can’t stop this one, she and her People must again flee.

The Crossroads trilogy is set 850,000 years ago, a time in prehistory when man populated most of Eurasia. He was a violent species, fully capable of addressing the many hardships that threatened his survival except for one: future man, a smarter version of himself, one destined to obliterate all those who came before.

From prehistoric fiction author Jacqui Murray comes the unforgettable saga of a courageous woman who questions assumptions, searches for truth, and does what she must despite daunting opposition. Read the final chapter of the People’s long search for freedom, safety, and a new home.

A perfect book for fans of Jean Auel and the Gears!

How’d I do last month

  • I have a cover! Oh my I hope you love this as much as I do!

  • Probably toward the end of next month, I’ll ask for for help launching Against All Odds from those who wouldn’t mind participating in a Book Blast.
  • I’m working on a collection of articles I’ll make available to those who are willing to help me with my book blast. More on that later…

How are you doing with your writing?

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How I’m doing on Book 3 of my trilogy

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the Man vs. Nature saga. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, blog webmaster, an Amazon Vine Voice,  a columnist for NEA Today, and a freelance journalist. Look for her next prehistoric fiction, Against All Odds, Summer 2020.


106 thoughts on “How I’m Doing on Against All Odds–7

  1. Spectacular cover, Jacqui! As for sending your m.s. out for beta-feedback: On the one hand, there is a certain degree of anxiety that comes from that; on the other, however, it’s nice to get time away from our WIPs. I cherish the six- or eight-week break I get from my WIP when it’s out with beta-readers! I hope you use the time off from Against All Odds to recharge creatively! And congrats on finishing the m.s.!

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  2. The cover is amazing, Jacqui! I’m so excited for you. And job well done on the trailer!!! You did a fabulous job. It isn’t that hard once you collect the images and know what you want to say. If you’re interested, keep me in mind for beta-reading. ❤

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    • Oooh you are on my mind for beta reading! I’m about a month away but moving along nicely. I’m eager to get this done to move on to my next trilogy–I know you understand that.

      And the trailer–I’m so glad you gave me the courage to try it. I’m happy with how it came out. As I created it, I had yours right their where I could track things.

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  3. Wow, Jacqui! congrats so far and I love the cover! That book trailer is amazing and is a great idea! I would be happy to help with your blast. My fitness book is being edited now but put on hold due to our pending move out of state. Too many distractions now to focus properly, but I hope to start that marketing process in 2021. I admire your laser focus!

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  4. This is my favourite of your covers so far. It’s perfect. And I loved the backing track for your trailer. The music is so important and I think you nailed it.

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  5. Hi Jacqui – love the video trailer … I’ll be back to watch again to take it all in. Looks really all encompassing … of the saga you’ve written about – just brilliant – clever lady! Congratulations … and all the very best – Hilary

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  6. Well done with the progress Jacqui, I love the cover, and that’s a great trailer! I’m used to using PP for lectures, so I plan on giving it a go for a book trailer, but it’s terrific to actually see it done, and your chosen slides make for a compelling read.

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