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This Miriam Hurdle Book is a Must Read for Many

I’m excited to be part of Miriam book launch for The Winding Road: A Journey of Survival. Also part of Miriam’s book release tour are:

Tuesday, September 6–Dan Antion @

Wednesday, September 7–Liz Gauffreau @

Thursday, September 8–Pete Springer @

Friday, September 9–Robbie Cheadle @

Monday, September 12–Denise Finn @

About the book

In the summer of 2008, Miriam Hurdle was diagnosed with melanoma-an aggressive and invasive cancer in her internal organs. The survival rate before 2008 was low. Besides risking harsh treatments for a slim chance of survival, Miriam had hoops to jump through. By the time she received treatment at the beginning of 2009, her cancer had progressed from stage II to stage IV. It was a rough and uphill winding road. But alongside her was support and encouragement. Accompanied by the love of her family and community, this is Miriam’s journey of faith and miracle. It is a heartwarming story of resilience, courage, and the will to live.

Let me turn the post over to Miriam!


Thank you for hosting my launch tour today, Jacqui! I’m excited to be here to share my new book with your friends.

During this launch tour, I want to talk about memoir writing. Here is my topic for today.

Why Do I Write a Memoir?

A memoir is a true story of what people lived through. It’s a story presented in book form based on the real-life people, events, and moments they preserved in their experiences.

I remember my dad told me that after the Japanese took over Hong Kong, he, my mom, and my older sister went back to China to live with my grandma. My grandma had a small farm with a 500-pound pig. My sister’s job was to feed the pig. That was all I knew about my parents’ life in China during WWII. I wished to have asked my dad more questions and known more details.

Share My Story with the Generations to Come

Writing my memoir will preserve my life story not just for the family I have right now, but for the children who will grow up and have questions, and all the families that will come after them. It allows me to document my experiences and special memories of the people and events that have been important in my life.

Life is not perfect. People face challenges all the time even though different. I faced my challenge. I overcome some adversities and I survived.

My personal battle is worth telling and learning from. My story can be a significant source of encouragement and comfort to people who are waging their own wars. The writing of how I overcame my challenge can serve as an inspiration for other people, my grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

Understand Me and My Life Better

Writing my memoir also helps me to understand myself in a more meaningful way. It allows me to review and reflect on the elements that have made up my life. It helps me to understand my life better. Before cancer, my career and achievement were important to me. After cancer, my family became my priority.

Memoir as a Common Bond Among People

2008 was the year of recession. Many of my friends suffered a different loss. Some lost their jobs because of the companies downsizing or relocating to Colorado or Texas. Some lost their investments in stocks. Others lost their homes. We can’t predict our future. The unexpected stressful situations could come without warning. Losing my health and fighting for my life is just one of these many stories. I want to join hands with other people who suffer and be an encouragement to each other.

Blurb about The Winding Road

In the summer of 2008, Miriam Hurdle was diagnosed with melanoma-an aggressive and invasive cancer in her internal organs. The survival rate before 2008 was low. Besides risking harsh treatments for a slim chance of survival, Miriam had hoops to jump through. By the time she received treatment at the beginning of 2009, her cancer had progressed from stage II to stage IV. It was a rough and uphill winding road. But alongside her was support and encouragement. Accompanied by the love of her family and community, this is Miriam’s journey of faith and miracle. It is a heartwarming story of resilience, courage, and the will to live.

My review

I’ve reviewed several of Miriam’s poetry publications as well as a book to teach kids how to stay safe in crowds. The Winding Road: A Journey of Survival, is her first memoir. Her story is not uncommon–life-threatening cancer–but her journey is so personal and so vivid, no one who’s struggled with cancer or feared its icy grip will finish this book unaffected.

In Miriam’s case, her cancer journey started as a simple hysterectomy, surgery done thousands of times by hundreds of doctors. Most patients recover, move on with their lives. In Miriam’s case, the doctors discovered a rare form of cancer with uncharted treatment and a low probability of survival. If you’ve read Miriam’s poetry, you know that didn’t daunt her. She stepped forward, made the decisions she must. Never throughout the book does the reader feel hopelessness from her. Always, she knows why she is fighting to live and that God will show her how.

She tells the story one step at a time, starting with the surprising outcome of the simple surgery, proceeding to the difficulties with chemo, the confusing red tape, and more. She shares what kept her going–the support of family and friends, her husband Lynton, and God. She shows how she managed to balance the demands of her work life with a disease that wanted to kill her.

This is a story of hope, tenacity, fortitude, and ultimately, victory, told in a personal way, raw in its emotions, and one I won’t quickly forget. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with a life-threatening disease, both the before and after.

Purchase Links Amazon

Head over to preorder the book for August 26th: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

Universal link:

About Miriam Hurdle

Miriam Hurdle is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). She published four children’s books at twenty-six years old. Her poetry collection received the Solo “Medalist Winner” for the New Apple Summer eBook Award and achieved bestseller status on Amazon.

Miriam writes poetry, short stories, memoir, and children’s books. She earned a Doctor of Education from the University of La Verne in California. After two years of rehabilitation counseling, fifteen years of public-school teaching and ten years in school district administration, she retired and enjoys life with her husband in southern California, and the visits to her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters in Oregon. When not writing, she engages in blogging, gardening, photography, and traveling.

Contact Miriam at


Amazon Author’s Page:




Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular prehistoric fiction saga, Man vs. Nature which explores seminal events in man’s evolution one trilogy at a time. She is also the author of the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers and Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy. Her non-fiction includes over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, reviews as an Amazon Vine Voice,  a columnist for NEA Today, and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. Look for her next prehistoric fiction, Natural Selection, Fall 2022.


178 thoughts on “This Miriam Hurdle Book is a Must Read for Many

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  3. All I can say is WOW. Such inner strength and resilience to overcome life threatening cancer is extraordinary. I haven’t been through cancer but have a parent and a sibling diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, they are in remission. I wish you all the best with your memoire and life, Miriam.

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  4. Excellent! I think everyone should write a memoir, or, if not a professional writer like Miriam, at least jot down stories from their past. My father-in-law passed away recently, and left behind a handwritten journal of memories from his childhood in the 30s and 40s. This is a precious record for the family, and this is the kind of thing that will be used by future historians as well. In Miriam’s case, besides being inspiring, her book will be data about health care in the early 21st century … both the technological the bureaucratic side.

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    • You’re absolutely right about the healthcare in the early 21st century, Jennifer! I was horrified when several doctors told me they had not heard of my condition and had no treatment for me.

      I’m sure your father-in-law’s hand written journal is precious. One person from my writing group transferred the handwritten notes from early family members plus her research to construct her family history. It’s fascinating.

      My daughter bought me a journal for me to tell my stories as a grandma to pass on to my grandkids. I’ll be working on that soon.

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  5. I found Miriam’s book to be a powerful memoir. It reinforces the belief that cancer patients have to tirelessly fight but that battle is easier when they have tremendous support from family and friends.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Congratulations! on telling this story. I know it had to be difficult to relive it, but how generous of you to work through it to offer hope to so many readers. All your reasons for writing it are reasons I tell my life storytelling workshop participants. So many think their stories are not worth telling. But they are! The stories will resonate with at least one person, and that is why we need to share them. May I share “Why Do I Write a Memoir?” with my groups?

    The book trailer is so elegant in its simplicity. Wishing you great success with this book!

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Hi Jacqui, thank you so much to be part of my book tour team. You did a great job with this beautiful post. I appreciate so much for your reading and the heartwarming review of my book. I’m delighted to meet your readers today.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I had to pause reading your book to read Miriams’ book, Jacqui! I’m more than half-way through and enthralled with the details of her cancer journey. I am a person whose family has bouts of melanoma and I was told by my doctor recently that I have uterine fibroids. This hits me a little close to home! Her journey is a wake-up call to anyone that cancer is real, insidious and closer than we expect.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Great post! A memoir does offer insight to not only the writer but those who read it, Miriam. Yours offered so much hope, it was a read I won’t soon forget. Thanks for hosting, Jacqui!

    Liked by 3 people

  10. I found Miriam’s memoir riveting, Jacqui. Her persistence and courage were inspiring, and it was clear by the end how vital the support of friends and family are to navigating treatment and recovery. I enjoyed the interview here too, and learning the reasons why Miriam decided to write her story. I get to meet her in person in a couple of weeks, and can’t wait. Thanks for sharing your powerful review. Congrats to Miriam. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

      • My church has drastically changed during the last thirteen years. The new staff and leadership made me cry and made me mad. Even though I still have a few friends in my fellowship group, I haven’t gone to the church service for years and years. God is God. Church is human organization. I’m sorry for many sad things happen at church.

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    • Thanks, Diana! I’m back from my packing and staking boxes to storage. I think it was more dramatic the time when I had such an awful cancer. I was the first and only one being so sick. My group was young and active, so they all jumped in to help. Now my group is getting older, and a dozen or more people have cancer, repeating treatments, and complications. I can’t keep up with emails, texts, and providing meals.
      I look so much forward to meeting you in person, Diana. Hope this crazy global warming gives us a break! ❤

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    • Thanks, Liz. I think my relationship with my granddaughter made me think it would mean a lot to her to know more about me. In fact, my daughter bought me a journal and asked me to write things about me to pass on to my grandkids. I didn’t know too much about my grandparents. My daughter doesn’t know too much about her paternal and maternal grandparents. It’s a privilege to have a relationship with the grandparents and to know more about them.
      I’m delighted to share it with a larger community here. I look forward to your hosting on Wednesday.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. Great that Miriam survived – Less good ? So much of the hospital experience – for people who have cancers, maybe in any country.
    Here, one of the UK’s top cancer hospitals wouldn’t allow a dying friend’s twin sister to visit. -because of the ‘ danger’

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  12. Miriam, you are so brave and courageous to have overcome your battle with cancer and have lived to write and inspire people who could be struggling with this life-threatening disease. I am a cancer survivor too. Like you I learned to change my priorities to taking care of myself, first. Congratulations on being a life giver. I hope your book inspires many to a new life of love and hope.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you very much, Grace. Sometimes I feel guilty of not blogging regularly or not visiting other blogs as often as I want to, but as you said, I know only me can take care of myself. By taking care of myself, I can be a more pleasant wife, mother, and grandma. I have lymphedema on my left leg. I need to have a certain number of hours lying flat to regulate the swelling. That is my priority every day.
      Delighted to hear you’re a survivor also. I would like to learn more about you. I’ll bookmark your blog and come back later. I’m in the middle of packing to move close to my daughter’s family.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. I’m sure this is a wonderful story, but it’s a bit too close to home for me to be able to read (my cousin has been diagnosed terminal with skin cancer – he’s fighting but…).

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  14. Cancer is a personal journey, but if you walk its gnarly path, you realize you are not alone. So many others travel with you. I have “A Journey of Survival” and look forward to turning its pages. My heartfelt congratulations to Miriam, and a big thank you to Jacqui for this post. ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

  15. A story of resilience.
    When I tell people that emotions are detrimental to treat any condition, people nod their agreement, but I can tell its’ a placating nod. But I bet Miriam will agree. Emotional support, hope, love, it all helps the body to heal faster and heal better.
    Congrats on the victory against cancer, miriam, and good luck with the book launch.

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  16. I am so sorry Miriam Hurdle had to go through all that suffering but I am happy she survived and was able to write a book about her experiences. It sounds very interesting and maybe it is something for me. My mother died from cancer way too young so I know something about it. On a different note, I just posted a review of your book “Born in treacherous times” on Amazon and social media. Thank you for the reading experience. I started reading the next one.

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