Congratulations to Jacquie Biggar and her new book!

A big shout out to efriend, fellow blogger, and USA Best Selling author, Jacquie Biggar as she publishes her next amazing book. I’ve read many of her novels and never been disappointed. Check out my reviews for

Jacquie has a knack for digging into a character, making me care for them and then worry about what’s swirling around them. Letting Go: The Defiant Sisters is Book1 of The Defiant Sisters Duet, just out today. Stay tuned for my review of this book (just grabbed it from NetGalley).

Letting Go
Jacquie Biggar
(The Defiant Sisters, #1)
Publication date: October 21st 2022
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

A coming-of-age novel about the pain of misconceptions and learning from them.

When life gives you lemons…


Mom is barely in the grave and the prodigal child is here to pick the bones clean.

I don’t want her here. My sister’s defection is a wound that won’t heal, and her return simply rubs at the scabs covering my heart.

I’ve managed just fine without her. She can go back to her fancy college and forget about us- that’s what she does best anyway.

If only I didn’t need her help. Or miss her so much.


The day my dad committed suicide I ran. I’ve been running ever since.

Going home is supposed to be the answer. Instead, it makes me question every thoughtless decision I’ve made.

My sister hates me. My little brother barely knows me. And Simon… is engaged.

None of it matters- or so I tell myself. I’m here to make amends and face a past haunted by regret.

As long as I can convince myself to stay.

Letting Go is a young adult romance dealing with tragedy, restitution, and love in all its aspects. The story relates to sensitive topics that may be triggering for some readers.

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The shock of finding Renée on the doorstep is fading, taken over by the sheer hypocrisy of her arrival. Why now? It’s a little late if she wants to make amends. Not a word for two stinking years and she shows up thinking I’m going to be grateful she’s here?

Not in this lifetime.

The warm sincerity of her embrace, though… it tries to weaken the resentment I’ve fostered since she walked out on her family, leaving me to pick up the pieces.

“I don’t want you here,” I snarl, unable to hide my bitterness. I’d rather act as though I don’t care.

Renée eyes me warily, rubbing a reddened palm. I feel a childish delight to have caused her even a minuscule amount of the pain she’s caused me.

“I’m aware,” she says calmly, bending to pick up a bulging overnight bag. “But I’m here now, so let’s make the best of it—for Mom.”

Red hot rage rises from the pit of my stomach to spit and steam from my ears. “Do. Not. Use Mom against me. You lost that right a long time ago.”

Months of caregiving flicker behind my eyes. My father’s suicide did something to Mom. She shouldered the blame and wore it like a hairshirt, ripping the blinders away from their relationship to show the fractures in the foundation. She shut down. Stopped eating, washing, and caring. It was left to me to get Benjamin off to school, clothes washed, and a semblance of normalcy when everything was insane.

“You should have called.” Renée’s empathetic gaze gets on my last nerve.

I whirl away before I plant my fist in her face. “Your room is the way you left it. You can stay the weekend, then I want you to leave. Ben doesn’t need to get his hopes up.” And neither do I.

Author Bio:

Jacquie Biggar is a USA Today bestselling author of romance who loves to write about tough, alpha males and strong, contemporary women willing to show their men that true power comes from love. She lives on Vancouver Island with her husband and loves to hear from readers all over the world!

In her own words:

“My name is Jacquie Biggar. When I’m not acting like a total klutz, I am a wife, mother of one, grandmother, and a butler to my calico cat.

My guilty pleasures are reality tv shows like Amazing Race and The Voice. Every Monday night, I can be in my armchair plastered to the television laughing at Blake’s shenanigans.

I love to hang out at the beach with DH (darling hubby) taking pictures or reading romance novels (what else?).

I have a slight Tim Hortons obsession, enjoy gardening, everything pink, and talking to my friends.”

She has been blessed with a long, happy marriage and enjoys writing romance novels that end with happily-ever-afters.

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A review


It’s always sad when sister s are at odds with each other. Izzy and Renee aren’t just years apart but years apart in understanding each other.
Will their Mom’s death being them closer to each and their little brother or will both be defiant! –Lennie McDonald

Copyright ©2022 – All rights reserved.

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Man vs. Nature saga, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the acclaimed Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy. She is also the author/editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct professor of technology in education, blog webmaster, an Amazon Vine Voice, and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. Look for her next prehistoric fiction, Natural Selection, Fall 2022


119 thoughts on “Congratulations to Jacquie Biggar and her new book!

  1. Lol I’m just going to join the throngs of commenters who’ve already mentioned the similarities between your names. Always great to discover new writers through WordPress, especially through efforts from bloggers like you, Jacqui. Also, all the best, Jacquie!

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  2. Oh wow to Jacque and Jacqui.. this was so well done and I love the excerpts you picked from the book to share. How could I not love the book with the names of Izzy (my cat ) and Renee my oldest daughter. With 3 sisters a brother (although they’re thick as thieves) and a family that has bordered on love an “picking bones”. how could I not. It’s in my cart.
    Great job and Congratulations! 💞

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  3. thanks for the sneak peak – I will be getting to this one with my handful of others (including Natural Selection) right after I finish some projects this month. I am looking forward to reading it and congrats to JB.
    oh and I did not realize JB loved Tim Horton’s – I like that place too and when I was young – going to Canada always meant Tim Horton trips (before they came to the US) and so many childhood memories of Tim Horton’s.

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  4. Jacquie’s latest is on already on my Kindle and in my reading queue. I’ve got 1.5 books ahead of it ( .5 remaining in the one I’m finishing now, then another new release, then Jacquie’s). I hope to be reading it by next weekend if not before!

    Wishing Jacquie all the best with her latest book baby!

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  5. Huge congrats to Jacquie on her release. I already have my copy and will start it today… probably finish tomorrow. Lol. And congrats on your release too, Jacqui. I’ll post my review on Amazon tomorrow. What a busy month with new books. I’m enjoying all these great reads and can barely keep up! 🙂

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  6. I also love Jacquie’s character creation. Thanks for sharing the news, Jacqui. Now, i have you two with the similar firstname here, and hope i will remember the right writing for the future. One with and one with “e” at the end of the name. Lol Best wishes, and enjoy your weekend! xx Michael

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