10 Hits and Misses for 2014
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10 Hits and Misses for 2014

Since I started this blog five-and-a-half years ago, I’ve had almost 900,000 visitors, 3300 on my busiest day, visiting the 1,097 articles I’ve written on every facet of writing. I have several columns: writer’s tips (sign up by clicking here) book reviews (Fridays) tech tips for writers (occasional) In between, I write what’s on my … Continue reading

How to Write Descriptions People Want to Read: an African Landscape
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How to Write Descriptions People Want to Read: an African Landscape

How do you communicate to Western world readers the uncivilized, nature-controlled land that is Africa. If your story includes an African setting, you must get that untamed, mysterious feel across or you lose credibility. Here are a few books you can read that will drench you in the scents and colors of Africa: In the … Continue reading

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113 Ways to Characterize Your Protagonist

There are a lot of words that describe you and I at different times during the day. Our job as writers is to notice what those moods and attitudes are and put a word to them so readers will feel them. ‘Sad’ doesn’t have enough depth, but ‘bitter’, ‘stricken’, ‘grieved’, and heartsick’ all tell us … Continue reading

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Words Lie, Body Language Doesn’t

Why is it that when you look at certain people, you think they’re pleasant or kind, or maybe even mean? Before they say a word, you make judgments about whether you want to saunter over and listen to their words. It’s their body language–the set of their mouth, their facial expressions, their gestures. Often, these … Continue reading

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I love Words

I love words. I subscribe to all sorts of Word-a-days. I adopted an arcane word–utible–and attempt to use it weekly (daily turned out to be non-utible. People get angry if you use words they don’t understand. Even the members of my writer’s group pushed back on me). I love finding new words that say exactly … Continue reading