4 Ways to Pre-plan Your NaNoWriMo Story
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4 Ways to Pre-plan Your NaNoWriMo Story

Few people can sit down and start writing. Most of us hem and haw as we mentally walk through how to get from introduction to conclusion. It’s called ‘prewriting’ and everyone does it. What differs is the method–what best suits our communication style? Here are four approaches I’ve seen work for writer friends: Brainstorm/Mindmap Brainstorming, also … Continue reading

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Nominate WordDreams For The 6th Annual Top Ten Blogs for Writers Contest

Well, readers, it’s that time of the year again! Write To Done is gathering nominations for their Top Ten Blogs for Writers Contest, and if you believe that WordDreams should be on the list this year, please visit this page and leave your nomination in the comments section. Be sure to do the following when … Continue reading