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38 Tips from Digital Publishing Conference

On October 12-13, I attended the Digital Author and Self-Publishing Conference, hosted by the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS). I immersed myself in everything to do with digital publishing, digital authorship, social media, digital books–all that writing stuff that isn’t Main Stream Agents and Publishers. I learned so much, I can’t possibly organize it … Continue reading

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17 Tips on How to Market Your Books Online

I have experimented with online book marketing over the past few years with mixed results. When I heard about a seminar on this topic in my Poynter’s Newsletter, I decided it was time to hear what the professionals had to say. Just to be clear, prior to the San Diego conference entitled 21st Century Book … Continue reading

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Tech Tips For Writers #5: 6 Hi-Tech Tools You Need

You’ve written your book. You sent it to publishers, agents, reviewers, and no one’s interested. It’s hard to believe because it took you three years and about six hundred forty-seven rewrites to get it right. What do you do? Stick it on a shelf and forget about it? Send it to more agents and publishers? … Continue reading

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The Questionable Future of Agents and Publishers

At a recent writer’s conference I attended, EVERYONE was excited about digital books except the agents. They tried to ignore them—had no answers to counter the real issue that publishing digitally gives writers the power, tried to ignore places like Amazon Kindle, Google ebooks and Scribd.They continued that tired refrain that they were so very … Continue reading

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If You Aren’t On Scribd, You’re Missing Out

The Scribd community is like no other. Aspiring writers, poets, publishers–all together in one big town where you can stop by, read, friend. I’ve fallen in love with them and been spending (too much) time chatting and visiting. Truth, it must stop because I need to edit my novel, but that’s another issue. As things … Continue reading

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Kindle Sells 6 Ebooks for Every Traditional Book

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, reported there are 6 Kindles sold for every 10 physical books.I’m not surprised. Jeff has done a great job of making it easy for us-all to read the thousands of ebooks available on Amazon. You can read Kindle ebooks on your smart phone, iPad–there’s even a Kindle reading app … Continue reading