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12 Take-aways from WordCamp Orange County

This past weekend I attended the fifth annual Orange County California two-day geek WordCamp. These are affordable tech-centric events  held all over the country where WordPress experts share their knowledge in 50-minute sessions (or three-hour workshops) on how to better use your WordPress website or blog (that’s the connection to my writing–I have four blogs … Continue reading

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Ten Favorite Geek Words–Part I

I write techno-thrillers, so I’m always reading about computers, technology, the Latest Stuff. Here are some of my favorite Geek Speak words (Computer nerds are so neologistic): alpha geek–the most technologically savvy dude in the company amazonned–amazonized, means you’ve lost a chunk of your business to a dot-com. back hack–when you get hacked, you return … Continue reading

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10 Digital Tricks to Add Zip to Your Roadtrip

Last week, my daughter and I drove from Southern California to Washington DC–her new duty station with the Navy. I could share the glorious national wonders we encountered (the Grand Canyon, Nashville TN, the extremely understanding Texas police, that sort), but I thought instead I’d share with you how we used two smart phones and … Continue reading