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Writers Tip #67: Three Tips from Carl Zimmer

Today’s tip: Comes from Carl Zimmer, author of A Planet of Viruses, The Tangled Bank, and Brain Cuttings. He writes a regular column about science for the New York Times and a blog for Discover Magazine, where he is also a contributing editor and columnist. He is the author of ten books, the most recent A Planet of Viruses. Since I love writing about science (even have my own rarely-visited science blog), I’m drawn to people like Edward O. Wilson and John McPhee and… Continue reading

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Announcement: I’m Writing a Column For Write Anything

Write Anything, the bloggers associated with Emergent Publishing, is one of the most eclectic groups I’ve ever met. They live all over the world–Australia, London, France, USA. They write anything from sci fi to historic fiction to creative non-fiction. Some are full-time writers. Some want to be. One’s a self-proclaimed ‘Marxist horror writer’. Can you … Continue reading