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Book Thoughts: The Forest People

I’ve been reading Colin Turnbull’s The Forest People. He lived ‘a while’ with pygmies to understand their life, their ‘culture’, their beliefs. Turnbull doesn’t lecture, or present the material as an ethnography. It’s more like a biography of a tribe. As such, I get to wander through their lives, see what they do, how they … Continue reading

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Harvard scientist says we are what we eat — and what we cook

Homo erectus–early man. Not earliest, but arguably could have controlled fire and eaten cooked meat. And everyone argues about it. Here’s one opinion: Harvard scientist says we are what we eat — and what we cook Shared via AddThis In my next novel, I show the skills for controlling fire and wearing animal skins as … Continue reading

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Scientific Fiction

That’s different from science fiction. In Scientific Fiction, we include the mystical miraculous elements of science in a story with a plot, characters, drama, crises, resolutions–all of the elements of fiction to make it more interesting. Sometimes it seems like science fiction, but that’s only because often, fact is stranger than fiction. My book includes … Continue reading