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9 Reasons Why Readers Stop Reading

I rarely stop reading a book once I’ve started. Once I’ve committed, I hate to think I’ve wasted the time already spent and, anyway, the story surely will improve or it wouldn’t have been published. There are nine reasons why I do stop, though. Characters aren’t likable. Plot develops too slowly Plot is too complicated. … Continue reading

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10 Tips Guaranteed to Rescue Your Story

When you read your story, is it underwhelming? Are you bored and you’re the author? In the excitement of getting your story on   paper, developing your characters and moving through the plot, have you missed whatever it is that makes a story worth reading. I know what the problem is: It’s the basics. You’ve … Continue reading

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Character Actions and POV–They Gotta Be Believable

You’re watching someone–let’s call her Alice. You see her stroll down the sidewalk, glance at the window displays, pause to decide whether she wants to enter, and then takes the plunge. You wonder what caught her eye and decide to wander over and check for yourself. That interpretation is based on your background and typical … Continue reading