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If You’re a Writer, Self-Pub May Save Your Life

I published this a while ago, but it’s worth repeating. Writing is a solitary profession. We know that going in. If we wanted support, we’d buy a bra. What we want is camaraderie, to get our message out. Here’s my reaction to one efriend’s experience: An efriend of mine had a very public self-described ‘meltdown’ … Continue reading


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Self-Pub or Not? What SCWC Writers Conference Said–I

This latest iteration of So. California Writers Conference again exceeded my expectations. It was run by knowledgeable people, taught by caring presenters and peopled with energetic writers. In short, it was three days of a positive, motivating environment that rekindled my writing fires. I attended many seminars, met with agents and editors to assist me … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village to Promote a Book

Fauzia Burke is the Founder and President of FSB Associates, an Internet marketing firm specializing in creating online awareness for books and authors through web publicity, blogger outreach, social media, digital branding and web site development. From the company’s inception in 1995, Fauzia has been a trendsetter in developing integrated online marketing campaigns for authors and publishers alike. … Continue reading

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The Questionable Future of Agents and Publishers

At a recent writer’s conference I attended, EVERYONE was excited about digital books except the agents. They tried to ignore them—had no answers to counter the real issue that publishing digitally gives writers the power, tried to ignore places like Amazon Kindle, Google ebooks and Scribd.They continued that tired refrain that they were so very … Continue reading