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9 Reasons Why Readers Stop Reading

I rarely stop reading a book once I’ve started. Once I’ve committed, I hate to think I’ve wasted the time already spent and, anyway, the story surely will improve or it wouldn’t have been published. There are nine reasons why I do stop, though. Characters aren’t likable. Plot develops too slowly Plot is too complicated. … Continue reading

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Forget Summer Reading. The Classics are Timeless.

Alison Morris of Publisher’s Weekly calls this reading list a ‘summer’ list, but it’ll take much longer than the sixty days of vacation to complete, especially when reading is fighting for time with trips, parties, sleeping, sunbathing–you get the idea. Instead of waiting for next summer, start now. You’re back in the work-study mode. If … Continue reading

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Digital Books–How to Make Them Affordable

As a writer, this is a hot topic for me. Fellow blogger, Ask a Tech Teacher, posted this discussion about digital books from a teacher’s perspective. This one’s from Computer World–a bit extreme to burn all the books, but read it and you’ll get their not-quite-as-revolutionary point. Digital books are a no-brainer. Demand is there. … Continue reading