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Book Review: LA Mental

Neil McMahon’s latest novel, LA Mental (Harper 2011), blurs the line between thriller and sci-fi with a fast-paced storyline, an everyman sort of main character, and amoral bad guys who right up to the last sentence, appear to be unstoppable. When you’ve finished, the plot will haunt you, so realistic is its potential, and every once in a while a newspaper story will make you ask if fiction has become reality. Continue reading

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What I Learned About Life From Star Trek

The instinct to survive is king. This basic of our race is also fundamental to plants, insects, and every galactic race we are likely to run into. Don’t underestimate it. Other races may or may not be humane. It depends upon their culture. And that’s OK because every race is entitled to pursue their culture … Continue reading

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Science as Storyteller

We live in an age of rapidly intensifying communication — from blogging to Facebook, to now Twitter. Information is much more difficult to convey than emotion or humor, yet it is the core of the science world, meaning (scientists) face the greatest challenge to gaining and holding people’s attention. Concision is no longer an option. It’s now pretty much of an obligation to your audience. Continue reading