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Update on my WIP: Can a Former SEAL, a Brilliant Scientist, a Love-besotted Nerd and a Quirky AI Stop Terrorists in Twenty-four days?

I love thrillers–their fast pace, bigger-than-life heroes whose vulnerabilities are juxtaposed with invincibility, their hard- working, non-stop efforts to prevent dire consequences regardless the personal pain or innate impossibility of the task. It’s my life. Never easy, but always worth it. There are thousands of thrillers. If they were a favorite tshirt, they’d be torn across the sleeve and … Continue reading

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Scientific Fiction

That’s different from science fiction. In Scientific Fiction, we include the mystical miraculous elements of science in a story with a plot, characters, drama, crises, resolutions–all of the elements of fiction to make it more interesting. Sometimes it seems like science fiction, but that’s only because often, fact is stranger than fiction. My book includes … Continue reading