I love Words

I love words. I subscribe to all sorts of Word-a-days. I adopted an arcane word–utible–and attempt to use it weekly (daily turned out to be non-utible. People get angry if you use words they don’t understand. Even the members of my writer’s group pushed back on me). I love finding new words that say exactly … Continue reading


Beautiful Words

What makes you want to remember a word like cornucopia, abecederian, heterodoxy, circumlocution when you read it? ? Do you try to decode it first–Is ‘-locution’ the root?  and what’s the prefix–‘hetero-‘ tell you about the meaning? What about the suffix -ian–does that make it a noun? Here’s a great word that roles off your … Continue reading

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Ten Favorite Geek Words–Part I

I write techno-thrillers, so I’m always reading about computers, technology, the Latest Stuff. Here are some of my favorite Geek Speak words (Computer nerds are so neologistic): alpha geek–the most technologically savvy dude in the company amazonned–amazonized, means you’ve lost a chunk of your business to a dot-com. back hack–when you get hacked, you return … Continue reading