Guest Post

If you’d like to guest post, read this first about my blog to be sure it fits your needs:

WordDreams is a user-friendly place for authors and readers to talk to each other, make new friends, and share resources, links, ideas, cover reveals, excerpts, and promotions. I like promoting Indie authors so let me know about your new book releases or tours. If possible, I’d love to participate. Email me at

askatechteacher at gmail dot com

Here are general guidelines for participation on my blog:

  1. No politics here
  2.  No erotic excerpts, or X-rated titles
  3. Mild swearing is allowed, but nothing hair-raising. (Asterisks will work if you are posting an excerpt containing stronger language.)
  4. Play nice. Respect each other.

Types of posts I’m looking for:

  1. Teacher-authors–how you combine teaching and writing
  2. Tips and hints on how you succeed at writing
  3. International perspective on writing
  4. Your ideas on marketing and promoting your books
  5. Tools you use for writing, marketing that you love

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