I receive a great many requests to review books, websites, marketing materials, and products. Feel free to contact me. reviews


4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Thank you so much for replying. I was at a really low juncture yesterday. Not feeling quite so discouraged today, and, as you said, responded to the muse again. I keep telling my wife she’ll be rich when I’m dead. 🙂

    Most of my output focused on historical novels, which I know aren’t flying off the shelves these days. My last one was set in the Great Depression. About a young man riding the rails in search of work. I do have a small brick and mortar company reading the entire ms. Two months have passed, and I’m too timid to ask them, afraid of the answer. Go figure. Currently I’m writing something different, a story about the AIDS crisis of ’89.

    Anyway, I do enjoy your posts.


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  2. Hi, Ms. Murray. I love reading your blog. You’ve no idea (well, maybe you do) how useful your insights are.

    I’ve been writing for over a dozen years now. Had three novels done by small POD/Ebooks, all of them far from commercial successes. More than once I wondered if it was me, but I know I can write, and well. Even had a couple of agents look at the material. Then nothing. A small brick and mortar publisher is reading my latest, a character novel set in the Great Depression, but it’s been months since I’ve heard. And of course the nagging self-doubt sets in…

    Discouraging, to the point where I want to throw in the proverbial towel, but I haven’t, even as I’m working on a novel about the AIDS crisis of ’89.

    I wonder if you have any thoughts?

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    • I have been through all of that. I completely understand, Robert. So much of finding an agent is ‘right place right time’ I got tired of that game.

      Part of the big picture is your goals–what do you want out of writing? Me, I have a lot of stories to share, but I also wanted to add to my income, so success had to be factored into decisions I made. At one point, I did have a publisher interested in my non-fic books, but when I did the math, I would earn substantially less than my self-pub efforts.

      I understand why a lot of people want the imprimatur that they have been published by a ‘real’ house. That’s just not me.

      Final note: If you are getting discouraged–meaning, it will affect you doing what you so clearly love–I’d make a change. When a small brick and mortar publisher doesn’t see enough value to respond to you likely results from their needs, not yours.

      Good luck! Stay in touch. I’d like to see how it goes.

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