My Summer with David Rosenfelt
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My Summer with David Rosenfelt

I discovered David Rosenfelt, creator of defense attorney Andy Carpenter, love-of-his-life Laurie, supremely persuasive investigator Marcus Clarke, and best-dog-in-the-world Tara (though she’s actually the second-best dog in the world–Rosenfelt hasn’t met my dog) through my Amazon Vine reading. I’d just finished Robert Crais Suspect, about a military dog named Maggie with PTSD who’s handler is … Continue reading

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10 Digital Tricks to Add Zip to Your Roadtrip

Last week, my daughter and I drove from Southern California to Washington DC–her new duty station with the Navy. I could share the glorious national wonders we encountered (the Grand Canyon, Nashville TN, the extremely understanding Texas police, that sort), but I thought instead I’d share with you how we used two smart phones and … Continue reading