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online presenceAs a working writer, I spend hours every week editing my own writing and searching for the most useful tips to improve my art. Once a week, I’ll share one of those tips with you. They’re always brief and always focused.

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Here are the ten most popular Writers Tips last year:

  1. Writer’s Tip #2: Ban Weak Adverbs
  2. Writers Tip #5: Beware the gerund
  3. Writer’s Tip #1: Use ‘Was’ Only Twice Per Page
  4. Writer’s Tip #3: Watch Out For Bouncing Eyes
  5. Writer’s Tip #4: When to Follow Rules
  6. Writer’s Tip #30: Too Many Prepositional Phrases
  7. Writer’s Tip #15: Make Descriptions in Character’s POV
  8. Writer’s Tip #19: Give Your Characters Their Heads
  9. Writer’s Tip #12: Know Your Character
  10. Writer’s Tip #8: Don’t Over-describe



38 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips

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  15. Jacqui,
    Happy New Year! I’ve rolled up my sleeves and I’m deep into revising!
    Exciting, but not without a few hurdles. I’ve changed the novel from 3rd person narrative, to first person present. It is a middle-grade novel, and
    to me it feels better. My question is, what are the caveats of writing in
    first person??

    Liked by 2 people

    • First person is supposed to be the most intimate, allowing the reader the closest contact with your POV character. That sounds well-suited for middle school. It is not without its challenges, though. When in first person, you can never go into another character’s head which means all action is through the eyes of your POV character.

      I’m going to post this on my blog to get insights from my readers. Kate, there’s no link on your name so please check back over the next few weeks to see what the response is. It’s nice to hear from you again!


  16. Hey! Where have you been all my life? Your site is fantastic! I’ve had writer’s block for over 35 years and can feel the bonds unraveling at first glance. Each tip is on the mark! My mind is energized with descriptive words and imagination. Next, is up to me.

    Liked by 2 people

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  21. I received this from one of my readers. Wanted to share–

    Name: Delilah

    As a fourty eight year old graduate student. I write research papers for what seems like a life time. The papers they are written in the APA style. I recently started writing to release stress from my Internship at my local Community Mental Health Clinic. Well, as you can see I am not an English Major. So, this style of writing is very new to me. I find your Site very useful and to the point. Thank you for taking the time to give newbies like myself tips to improve.

    Time: Saturday June 19, 2010 at 3:04 am
    IP Address:


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